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Web Offers a Voice to Journalists in Morocco

“CASABLANCA — After the Moroccan journalist Ali Lmrabet wrote about the king’s real estate holdings in 2001, he was tried in court on defamation charges and the article cost him his career: His satirical magazine, Demain, a symbol of the independent press, was shut down.

In 2003, he spent eight months in prison for “offending the monarchy,” and in 2005 he was barred from practicing journalism for 10 years for “threatening territorial integrity” and Demain was closed.

Now, the Internet has allowed him to make a comeback as the editor of the news site Demain Online.”

From The New York Times

Morocco Facebook group calls for protests

“A group of young Moroccans called Thursday for pro-reform demonstrations later this month via Facebook, in the latest example of Web-driven anti-government protests across the Arab world.

“We call on all Moroccans to protest February 20 for the dignity of the people and for democratic reforms,” the group, which claims some 3,400 followers, said in a statement.”

From The Sydney Morning Herald