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DDoS attacks against Polish government websites

Source: CERT Polska

Since Saturday evening, we have been experiencing multiple attacks targeting websites under gov.pl domain. Most of the attacks are DDoS, attributed to Anonymous who declared radical protests after Polish government revealed plans to sign the ACTA treaty on January 26th.

Polish media law changes raise concerns

“The Polish Senate has approved amendments to the country’s media law that omit any reference to internet-delivered on demand services.

According to Wirtualne Media, these will now be addressed in the next amendment to the legislation.

Significantly, industry experts believe that the current amendment could lead to censorship as it would require all TV programmes distributed over the internet to be registered with the KRRiT.”

From Broadband TV News

No internet censorship, for now

“POLAND: Prime Minister Donald Tusk has withdrawn his support to legislation that would have required almost every Polish citizen and company placing a video on the internet to register it with the National Broadcasting Council (KRRiT). Those opposed to the bill said this would give the government power to filter internet content.

Over 80,000 signatures were collected in protest against the proposals. Many businesses also protested against the proposed legislation.”

From Warsaw Business Journal