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CIPESA releases report on Internet Freedoms in East Africa

Cyber Stewards Network (CSN) partner Collaboration on International ICT Policy in East and Southern Africa (CIPESA) released a report outlining the policies and practices surrounding Internet freedom in East Africa. Titled “The State of Internet Freedoms in East Africa,” the release of the report has drawn key individuals from the continent’s ICT industry to Kampala, Uganda for a forum.

New Laws In Uganda Restrict Citizens’ Rights

The Anti-Pornography Act 2014, the Public Order Management Act 2013, the Anti-Homosexuality Act 2014, the 2014 Press and Journalist regulations and the Non Government Organisation (NGO) Amendment bill have been criticised for creating unwarranted restrictions to liberties granted by the country’s 1995 constitution.

Uganda: Citizens outraged by violent re-arrest of opposition leader

“Uganda opposition leader Dr.Kiiza Besigye was re-arrested in the capital Kampala for participating in the Walk to Work Campaign one night after he was granted bail.

Besigye had been granted bail on the condition that he would not engage in the campaign that has put the Ugandan regime in the headlines for three weeks now. The protests led by the opposition are aimed at high fuel prices which have led to high food prices and President Museveni is defiant that he will not intervene to reduce prices. The protests have so far left five people dead and dozens injured with bullets.”

From Global Voices

Uganda: ISPs Harassed, Told to Shut Down Facebook, Twitter for 24 Hours

“The Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) is under pressure from security apparatus to block social media platforms as activists and politicians intensify “Walk to Work” campaign actions protesting the high cost of fuel and other commodities.

In late 2010, the UCC was merged with the Broadcasting Council into one regulatory body that oversees both communication and broadcasting matters in the country. It falls under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology.”

From AllAfrica

Uganda: Communications Commission Orders 24-Hour Shutdown of Facebook Over Protests

“Kampala — The Uganda Communications Commission quietly asked Internet service providers to block communication on Facebook and Tweeter messaging platforms for 24 hours during the Walk-to-Work campaign on Thursday last week.

However, Internet services carried on without a glitch that day save for subscribers on one network who experienced intermittent interruptions.

An April 14 letter signed by Mr Quinto Ojok, who signed in acting capacity for UCC’s Executive Director Godfrey Mutabazi, said social networking fora like Tweeter and Facebook, be shut-down for security reasons.”