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Planet Blue Coat: Mapping Global Censorship and Surveillance Tools

Blue Coat Devices capable of filtering, censorship, and surveillance are being used around the world. 61 of these Blue Coat appliances are on public or government networks in countries with a history of concerns over human rights, surveillance, and censorship. Our findings support the need for national and international scrutiny of Blue Coat implementations in the countries we have identified, and a closer look at the global proliferation of “dual-use” information and communication technologies.

Venezuelan opposition accounts hacked on Twitter

Source: Francisco Toro

Something is amiss in Venezuela’s Twittersphere: all of a sudden, opposition figures with a long history of criticizing the government of President Hugo Chávez have flipped, posting hearty praise for Chavismo and streams of invectives against their own camp. Has the government made a great leap in winning over new followers?

IAPA questions legal reforms restricting press freedom in Venezuela

“A report on Venezuela submitted in the half-yearly meeting of the Inter-American Press Association (IAPA) claimed that amendments to both the Telecommunications Organic Law and the Radio, TV and Electronic Media Social Responsibility Law (Resorte Law), passed by a lame duck National Assembly in December 2010, are eroding freedom of expression in Venezuela.

The report stressed that the National Assembly extended to the Internet the “existing restrictions on radio and open TV in a disproportionate manner.”

From El Universal