Irene Poetranto


Hacking Team Malware Targeting Shia Community in Saudi Arabia

Our latest report analyzes our discovery of an Android application called Qatif Today that is bundled with a Hacking Team payload. The app provides news and information in Arabic with a special relevance to the Qatif Governorate of Saudi Arabia, which is a predominantly-Shia community.

Robert Guerra and Christopher Parsons at ICANN 50

Robert Guerra, Senior Advisor to the Citizen Lab, and Dr. Christopher Parsons, a post-doctoral fellow at the Citizen Lab, attended the ICANN 50th public meeting in London on June 22-26.

Pemblokiran Vimeo di Indonesia

Kemarahan publik yang terjadi setelah pemblokiran Vimeo telah menunjukkan bahwa netizen Indonesia semakin lebih sadar akan nilai Internet sebagai alat untuk mempromosikan pertumbuhan dan perkembangan, tetapi juga akan hak-hak mereka untuk mengakses, menerima dan menyampaikan informasi dan ide-ide mereka.

The Blocking of Vimeo in Indonesia

This blog post investigates the recent blocking of video-sharing site Vimeo in Indonesia and examines the ongoing efforts to regulate online content in the country

Ron Deibert on The Lang and O’Leary Exchange

Ron Deibert was interviewed by Amanda Lang on CBC’s Lang & O’Leary Exchange about what’s changed with regard to online privacy since Edward Snowden’s revelations about the NSA.

Cyber Steward Shahzad Ahmad Wins Freedom of Expression Award

Cyber Steward Shahzad Ahmad, Director of Bytes for All (B4A), has won the Doughty Street Advocacy Award as part of Index on Censorship’s 2014 Freedom of Expression Awards. Ahmad was nominated in the advocacy category which recognizes activists fighting for free expression around the world.

Updates on Bytes for All and the “YouTube Case”

Bytes for All (B4A) is continuing its battle at the Lahore High Court against Internet censorship in Pakistan. The court case has highlighted the ongoing censorship of YouTube in Pakistan, a result of the video sharing site’s refusal to block the controversial “Innocence of Muslims” video.