Mari Zhou


Internet Governance

How is the Internet governed? Questions like where and by who decisions on governing core aspects of the Internet are made are important to address in order to understand how the Internet is governed overall.

Access My Info: Measuring Data Access Rights Around the World

This report presents results from a series of research projects that measured responses to personal data requests from telecommunication companies and Internet Service Providers across jurisdictions in Asia including Australia, Hong Kong, South Korea, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Overall, the projects found responses from telecoms were incomplete and in some cases did not follow what is required by law.

2011-2012 contributions from Citizen Lab fellows

The following are contributions made by Citizen Lab Fellows: Citizen Lab Post-Doctoral Fellow Eneken Tikk on the US-Yemen cyber war panic (May 26, 2012) Citizen Lab Fellow Jon Penney on the outsourcing of cyberwar (May 25, 2012) Citizen Lab Post-Doctoral Fellow Brenden Kuerbis analyzes the latest development in the debate over Internet identity governance (May… Read more »