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Citizen Lab Open Letter in Advance of the Equal Rights Coalition Global Conference (August 5-7, 2018, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

The Citizen Lab has sent an open letter to the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of both Canada and Chile, as co-chairs of the Equal Rights Coalition (ERC), and Mr. Randy Boissonnault, Special Advisor to the Prime Minister on LGBTQ2 Issues, flagging important issues for discussion at the upcoming ERC Global Conference on LGBTI Human Rights and Inclusive Development (August 5-7, 2018, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada).

Chilean government’s decision to monitor social networks sparks debate about Internet privacy, threats of cyber attacks

Source: Monica Medel, Journalism in the Americas

President Sebastián Piñera’s plan was announced a few weeks ago, but the controversy on social networks started Sunday, June 19, with the naming of BrandMetric as the company that will be in charge of monitoring comments, reported El Mostrador.

According to the Chilean government, the aim is to “measure” public perception about the administration, reported Los Tiempos. The goal is for the government to be aware of issues that are important to society and to know how to respond to the needs of the people, according to the minister for the Secretary General of the Government, Ena von Baer, as cited by Publimetro.

But some social network users say that it is a plan for “online surveillance.” UPI said that the group of Internet activists known as Anonymous announced it will begin hacking Chilean and Peruvian websites because of the attempts to monitor public opinion on social networks. Similarly, the digital newspaper El Mostrador in an opinion piece titled “Someone is Watching You” said that Twitter users have adopted the hashtag #gobiernosapo as a way to accuse the government of spying.

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