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UN Report on Freedom of Expression Bashes G8, ACTA, Hadopi.

A report on Internet policy by the UN Special Rapporteur on the protection of freedom of opinion and expression will be presented today. The report’s guidelines aimed at protecting fundamental freedoms clash radically with the course set by governments of the G8. This report will be essential to help citizens hold their governments accountable for policies undermining online freedoms.

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Re-cap of the e-G8

This week the G8’s French presidency hosted the first e-G8 summit which brought digital leaders to the table with the G8 leaders where they discussed the future of the Web (see last week’s IWM blogpost where we laid out civil society concerns leading up to the summit). Plenary topics included “The Internet & Economic Growth,” “The Internet & Society,” “Future Net: What’s Next?” and “Intellectual Property and the Culture Economy in the Digital Age,” Fostering Innovation:How to build the future,” and “Digital Transformation: Reinventing traditional businesses,” followed by a number of workshops.

The e-G8 can be summarized by intra-government differences, intra-industry differences, and deep divisions between governments and industry. This is reflected in the final G8 Deauville communiquewhere as Reuters points out—the section on the Internet failed to produce any specific and concrete proposals for policies.

Activists Warn G-8 Against Web Restrictions

PARIS (AP) — Internet activists and digital entrepreneurs warned Wednesday that if global leaders attempt to limit access to the Web, their restrictions will be bypassed and they will become irrelevant.
The stark message adds to growing resistance – from big name companies like Google and Twitter to anonymous Internet vigilantes who have attacked government censorship networks – against creeping laws that might one day restrict services many users now take for granted.

Leaders of the Group of Eight most powerful countries begin meeting in France on Thursday to discuss issues of global concern in the wake of the Arab uprising that have been described as the first Internet-enabled revolutions.

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Rescuing the Global Cyber Commons: An urgent agenda for the G8 meeting in Deauville, France

In this article Professor Ron Deibert discusses the active contestation of cyberspace and the need to protect the cyber commons. He calls on liberal democratic governments to form “a common domestic and foreign policy strategy that creates structural conditions to protect and preserve cyberspace as a secure, decentralized, and open commons”.

This article originally appeared in The 2011 G8 Deauville Summit: New World, New Ideas published by the G20 Research Group.