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Research into privacy, security, and information controls of popular applications.

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“Please do not make it public”: Vulnerabilities in Sogou Keyboard encryption expose keypresses to network eavesdropping

In this report, we analyze the Windows, Android, and iOS versions of Tencent’s Sogou Input Method, the most popular Chinese-language input method in China. Our analysis found serious vulnerabilities in the app’s custom encryption system and how it encrypts sensitive data. These vulnerabilities could allow a network eavesdropper to decrypt sensitive communications sent by the app, including revealing all keystrokes being typed by the user. Following our disclosure of these vulnerabilities, Sogou released updated versions of the app that identified all of the issues we disclosed.

解读 WeChat 生态系统中的隐私问题

该报告通过审查 WeChat 应用程序在其各种功能正常运行期间收集并发送到 WeChat 服务器的数据,对流行应用程序 WeChat 的隐私问题进行了分析。我们发现,他们收集的使用数据多于 WeChat 隐私政策中披露的程度。

WeChat 生態系統的隱私權解析

這份報告檢視熱門應用程式 WeChat 在其各種功能的正常運作過程中所蒐集並傳送至 WeChat 伺服器的資料,以此分析該應用程式存在的隱私問題。我們發現,WeChat 蒐集的使用資料比在隱私權政策中公布的還要多。

Should We Chat? Privacy in the WeChat Ecosystem

We conducted the first analysis of WeChat’s tracking ecosystem. Using reverse engineering methods to intercept WeChat’s network requests, we identified exactly what types of data the WeChat app is sending to its servers, and when. This report is part one of a two-part series on a privacy and security analysis of the WeChat ecosystem.